Henley Properties – Fuwa Catalogue

STUDIO:  HIVE Creative
DESIGNER(S):  Wayne Murphy, Carlo Mussett
CLIENT:  Henley Properties

FUWA is a range of elegant Japanese houses built by Henley for the Australian market.

To celebrate their new partnership with parent company Sumitomo, Henley named the range after renowned Japanese architect, Takahiro Fuwa.

The design team was briefed to develop the brand and produce a series of promotional materials worthy of Mr. Fuwa’s design sensibility.

The designers created a simple, single brushstroke for the brandmark as well as a minimal and contemporary typography style with authentic Japanese elements.

The brochure features tactile, uncoated stock that speaks of the artistic and analog nature of Japanese design: handmade minimalism, white space and emptiness.

The contemporary flow of the layouts and the overlap and tension in elements deliberately plays on Mr. Fuwa’s design philosophy, who personally illustrated some beautiful images for the brochure himself, and which the designers were honored to include.

  • Henley_FUWA_04.jpg
  • Henley_FUWA_02.jpg
  • Henley_FUWA_03.jpg
  • Henley_FUWA_01.jpg
  • Henley_FUWA_05.jpg
  • Henley_FUWA_06.jpg

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