HOLT creates an invitation that is anything but stock standard

In a continuing collaboration with the CEO of software communications company Whispir, Sydney design studio HOLT have created a unique, concept-driven invitation showcasing a collection of luxurious finishes. The invite, for a christening to be held in New Zealand, utilised the full range of 50 colours available from Colorplan, a specialty paper stock from GF Smith in London, distributed in Australia by BJ Ball Papers.

Each bespoke, zipper envelope and invitation, used blind debossed typography, allowing the colour and texture of the paper to become the ultimate tactile feature. Each recipient received an invitation that was created using a different coloured stock, meaning an entire spectrum was produced in order to produce 50 envelopes and invites.

The selected typography was a reference to the child’s name, Aalto, as well as the master Finnish architect, designer and artist, Alvar Aalto who inspired the typeface. Copy surrounding the name was rendered in Futura — a minimalist, sans serif, geometry-based typeface, which coincidentally is used for the identity of Aalto’s furniture company, Artek.

The invitations were collected at the end of the ceremony, handled and worn, to be box-framed as a commemorative minimalist artwork composed of 50 chromatic rectangles. 

  • HOLT_Whispir_II_07
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_09
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_10
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_03
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_13
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_08
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_02
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_12
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_11
  • HOLT_Whispir_II_06

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