Hooten Beer Label Design

STUDIO:  Percept Brand Design
DESIGNER(S):  John, Scott and Lewis
CLIENT:  Southern Beverages

New to the Australian alcoholic beverage market, Hooten is fully imported from Holland. The name Hooten was provided by the client, but there was no established branding so everything was created from scratch.

The brief was to create the branding and beer label design for the Australian market that was unique, identifiable, credible and memorable. It was also to visually communicate to the customer that it was a quality beer from Holland and conform to some of the conventions used by European beers that would successfully position this beer within the category.

  • HOOTEN_6_PACK.jpg

4 Responses

  1. if the brief was to look like every other european beer label mission successful! :p

  2. Kenny Mac

    Looks quite euro, but the o-umlaut is used in German, not Dutch and NEVER on a second vowel. This actually made it seem less credible as a brand

  3. Well, it is a really good beer, as good as Becks and Heineken and retailing at $29.99, great value. Better tasting to my palate than the similarly priced German, Oetinger. Not sure about the diacritic over the second o. It would suggest pronouncing the two vowels separately, (think Chloe) as in Ho-o-ten (Hoh-oh-ten). Round here they would just look at you and say “ya mean the hooten s#@%? Over there, mate”.

  4. like elliott said . but it is a great tasting beer

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