IF Architecture

STUDIO:  Seesaw
DESIGNER(S):  Matthew McKenzie & Anita Ryley
CLIENT:  IF Architecture

Founded in 2009, IF Architecture is a dynamic and evolving interdisciplinary practice, which aims to respond to the social, cultural, political, technological and environmental conditions of modern life through critical investigation design and research, producing ambitious and innovative urban environments, buildings and interiors. Each project is conceived in its own right, developed through its own requirements and the aspirations of the client, specific to its site and the surrounding context, encompassing of the program and relative to its function, respectful of the operator and purpose built for the end user – each project is newly innovated.

The resulting brand was designed to reflect IF Architecture’s bespoke approach. Work completed included art direction, identity development, website design and stationery items.

  • if1
  • if
  • if
  • Front Design
  • Business Card Detail # 1
  • Opposite Angle Design

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