2012 Sydney New Year’s Eve

STUDIO:  Imagination Australia
DESIGNER(S):  Dan Farrugia as part of the the senior creative team at Imagination
CLIENT:  City of Sydney

Imagination Australia has revealed Embrace – the theme and creative assets for 2012 Sydney New Year’s Eve.

Imagination’s general manager Heath Campanaro says: “The theme of ‘Embrace’ reflects a positive attitude of openness and connection. It’s about bringing people and ideas together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s about acceptance and tolerance, the past and the future, warmth and love.”

The Embrace icon includes a swirl of coloured sails in magenta, yellow, purple, and four supporting icons that invite audiences to; Embrace Love; Embrace Sydney, Embrace Possibility and Embrace the Moment.

These icons and logos will be seen on buses, banners and bus stops throughout Sydney, and also play a big part in social media later in the year.

  • z515_Embrace-Master-Devicelowres.jpg
  • z599_Embrace_love_logolowres.jpg
  • z599_Embrace_moment_logoLowres.jpg
  • z599_Embrace_possibility_logolowres.jpg
  • z599_Embrace_Sydney_logolowres.jpg

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