Sesame Street and XYZ explore the issue of incarcerated parents

Stephen Watkins of XYZ Studios in South Melbourne has become the first non-American to direct for Sesame Street, and he and the creative team behind a new animation are tackling an important and difficult issue – children with a parent who has been incarcerated.

The video shares the story of one family coping with the major upheaval of their father going to jail – and it manages to explore the issue with depth, honesty, and sensitivity, while still offering a positive message for children in this situation. It also helps pave the way for a new Sesame Street character called Alex, a blue-haired character who has an incarcerated parent. Pew Charitable Trusts in the US estimates that one in 28 American children has a parent behind bars.

Alex will be the first Muppet to have an incarcerated parent. The blue-haired character will join the one in 28 children that the Pew Charitable Trusts estimates has a parent behind bars.

Sesame Workshop have also just launched a new website called Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration – which provides support and resources for families dealing with this issue.

Take a look at the touching and insightful full full video here, and see the complete set of character designs by XYZ’s Celeste Potter, .


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