Interbrand deliver the goods for Australia Post

STUDIO:  Interbrand
CLIENT:  Australia Post

This week Australia Post delivered a new range of domestic parcel products, designed by Interbrand Melbourne. With more Australians choosing to shop online than ever before, Australia Post has identified a need for more straightforward, hassle-free parcel products.

These designs were borne out of the idea that delivering a parcel should be as easy as 1, 2, 3 – for consumers and small-medium businesses alike. Selection choices have been consolidated and simplified. With helpfulness in mind these new parcels have been designed to follow a consistent, clear hierarchy and colour coding system, giving customers a more intuitive way of finding the most suitable service to get their parcels from A to B.

Creative Director Oliver Maltby explains, “All parcel designs were created using elements from the new identity system. An original typeface was developed and implemented consistently across the range to aid navigation. The role of red was determined to call out the most important navigational aspects – the size of the parcel, plus the requirement for a customer signature, where necessary. A simple suite of icons was included to aid navigation.”

The launch of this new range of domestic parcel products is part of an exciting brand refresh for Australia Post. The role of existing brand elements has been revisited and new elements introduced.

  • Satchel_Medium_Parcel
  • Satchel_Medium_Parcel2
  • Satchel_Medium_Parcel3
  • Satchel_Medium_Parcel41

7 Responses

  1. Marcus

    Wow. They are incredibly bland/boring.

  2. Bespoke typeface? It’s just Gotham with a tweaked “a” as far as i can see…. Nice work though Interbrand. Clear and simple.

  3. Adam

    I do like it, but is it really a relevant and needed change? “…giving customers a more intuitive way of finding the most suitable service to get their parcels from A to B.” I didn’t realise people struggled with the current ones?

  4. Tomas

    Like it. Clear and simple. But for the cost of 30% increase in prices on all those pre-paid satchels.

  5. John

    The typeface is ARS Marquette, the ‘a’ is an alternate.

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