iOS ’86

STUDIO:  Anton Repponen
DESIGNER(S):  Anton Repponen
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

Anton Repponen has created a retro interface for the iPhone which he’s named iOS ’86. He explains the idea behind the self-initiated project:

“Many people are mistaken, that I have tried to imagine how the iOS would look like back in 1986, I don’t think that’s the case. It’s like car companies making new cars that look retro, just for collectors or exhibitions only, but not really for driving. I would never use iOS ’86 myself, because I think what Apple has now is much better, and they spent a lot of time perfecting each element. Look at it as a collector item that’s just cool to look at.”

  • iPhone_RetroOS_HomeScreen
  • iPhone_RetroOS_LockScreen
  • iPhone_RetroOS_Photo2
  • iPhone_RetroOS_Photo3
  • iPhone_RetroOS_Preview
  • iPhone_RetroOS_PopUp

5 Responses

  1. max

    you definitely perfected the look! would be crazy to see this for real.

  2. Matt Alexander

    I think it would be interesting to see how the camera works in iOS ’86!

  3. I like this a lot. A good homage to the early Mac UI. I would load this up on my iPhone if it was available. No doubt the jailbrake community will be all over it. Sadly, I doubt if we will see ‘official’ customisation to this level available anytime soon.

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