Jim Norton Photography Identity by typotherapy

STUDIO:  typotherapy
DESIGNER(S):  Noel Nanton
CLIENT:  Jim Norton Photography

Jim Norton is a passionate photographer whose intuitive and creative approach to his work assures outstanding results each and every shoot. Jim’s studio is dedicated to commercial photography and focuses its operations on advertising, architecture, beauty and fashion, food and beverage, interiors, landscape, products, and still life.

Our task… To develop a more relevant, modern identity that is clean, typographical, and easy to integrate into a number of applications.

The identity is an arrangement of uniquely stacked customized letterforms positioned to the lower right side, a simple typographic solution reflecting the studio’s passion and creative approach.

Two separate coloured foil stamps were created and used to apply the identity to the business cards, letterhead, and envelopes. Particular paper stock with a tactile feel was chosen for the entire stationery set.

The result, the studio continues to receive compliments for their new look and has commissioned typotherapy to develop their holiday promotions and portfolio books.

  • JNP-ID-11
  • JNP-ID-09
  • JNP-ID-19
  • JNP-PP-Shots-01

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