Kaurna walking guide

STUDIO:  Ecocreative
CLIENT:  The City of Holdfast Bay

The City of Holdfast Bay is host to many sites of significance for the Indigenous people of the Adelaide Plains, the Kaurna. Unfortunately much of this rich cultural heritage has been lost since European settlement.

Ecocreative, in collaboration with the council, Kaurna representatives and a local historian, has developed ‘Kaurna yarta-ana’ , an illustrated walking guide and cultural map to bring Indigenous sites to locals and visitors, many of whom may not be aware of what lies underfoot. Themes such as language, history, biodiversity and storytelling are explored in this brochure (that doubles as a poster).

The guide features a colourful map that identifies 20 sites of significance superimposed on native plant zones, reinforcing the link between living history and biodiversity. This information complements Kaurna language interpretive garden signage in the area (also developed by Ecocreative).

The cultural map was produced on an outdoor-resistant recycled paper stock, and printed using vegetable-based inks, so that when its job is done it may be returned to the earth as silently as the Kaurna sites of which it speaks.

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