Knative.Co t-shirt design

A newly launched crowdfunded t-shirt design project from Knative.Co sells the work of emerging international designers and supports small-scale printing companies around the world. The initiative seeks to showcase emerging design, illustrative and typographic talent from the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, while collaborating with small companies in these countries to produce original screenprinted t-shirts.

Each week, from a selection of submissions, Knative.Co shortlists and decides upon one design to run as a featured campaign for each of the four participating countries. Each campaign aims to sell a minimum of 25 t-shirts in its country of production, in order to make a difference to small-scale printing businesses.

For ‘Designed globally, produced in Australia’,  Knative.Co has collaborated with Melbourne-based designer Bobby Haiqalsyah, who has created his own typographic representation of Australia’s Garden City.

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