Know Your Own Skin


DMCI’s brief was to remind Aussies to remember their past sun damage, realising how it could be affecting their skin now and to consider others around them that may need to check their skin.

The concept of the ‘Know Your Own Skin’ awareness campaign is based on a man reminiscing on various stages of his life and the time he spent in the sun. In designing, directing and producing the video DMCI needed to ensure the tone avoided being scary or foreboding. It needed to entice people to consider their own (or their friends/families) past and sun exposure, prompting them to check themselves or get checked, without feeling scared. The treatments reflected the era’s with each section shot and treated to suit.

The greatest challenge of the campaign for DMCI was the fine line between prompting people to action through positive or negative messaging. The client did not want people to be scared into action.

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