Lausanne Festival gets the “accidental” treatment

Demian Conrad‘s small, Switzerland-based studio may have only been around since 2007, but it has already won some of Europe’s highest graphic design accolades, with pieces of work held in the Museum of Design in Zurich and the Chaumont archive. Focussing predominantly on “events communication and visual identity,” the studio is largely research-led, an experimental R&D approach that led them to discover “water random offset printing”, or WROP — a process that disrupts and disturbs offset printing, leading to serendipitous ink formations and markings.

This year, invited to create the visual identity and branding for the Lausanne Underground Music and Film Festival, with a 2014 theme of “accident”, the studio had the chance to put their discovery into a creative project. Creating an unmarked, traditional poster and print collateral for the festival first, it was during the printing process that the studio interfered with the machines, meaning every piece of print came out differently (see behind the scenes shots here)

“We worked on the relationship between visible and hidden, between censorship and accident,” explain the studio. “People won’t be able to read the entire [piece of] communication at first sight — they need time to discover, by pealing of layers of images one after the other.”

“We are interested in how technologies and processes relate to form and meaning,” they add.

See more of their work at


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