Limited Edition campaign

STUDIO:  M&C Saatchi
DESIGNER(S):  Art Direction: Jason Woelfl, Joshua Rowe and Gavin McLeod. Limited Edition logo on website: Luca Ionescu
CLIENT:  Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

The third and final phase of the M&C Saatchi-created campaign to save homeless pets for the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home (SD&CH) is now live.

When the campaign initially launched, 21 of Australia’s top photographers shot one-off portraits of 63 feline and canine (including one duck), inhabitants of the SD&CH. The prints, signed and numbered by the photographer, were rendered into superlites provided by Adshel. The posters directed passers by to the SD&CH website where they could view the entire ‘Limited Edition’ exhibition and either bid for a one-off print, adopt an animal or donate to the SD&CH. The campaign found loving homes for all but two of the homeless animals.

The final phase of the campaign features five of the re-homed animals, reshot with their new owners in their new homes, to be displayed on the Adshel superlites all over Sydney.

The portraits of the re-homed pets with their new owners are: Butterball and new family shot by Ingvar Kenne; Rufus and foster family by Toby Dixon; Dusty and Tom Luscombe self portrait; Bentley and new family by Jonathan May and Kobe and new family by Amelia Hawkins.

  • SDC-0016-5-Kobe-1775x1175-Supersite
  • SDC-0016-3-Bentley-1775x1175-Supersite
  • SDC-0016-4-Butterball-1775x1175-Supersite
  • SDC-0016-2-Dusty-1775x1175-Supersite
  • SDC-0016-1-Rufus-1775x1175-Supersite
  • SDC-0011-35-COCO-1775x1175-Superlite
  • SDC-0011-13-DUSTY-1775x1175-Superlite
  • SDC-0011-32-RUFUS-1775x1175-Superlite

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