Lol-a-Coaster game

STUDIO:  Pachinko Pictures
DESIGNER(S):  Ian Gouldstone, David Surman
CLIENT:  Chupa Chups / The Taboo Group / Stuart Alexander & Co. Pty Ltd

Lol-a-Coaster is an iPhone and iPad game that takes the Chupa Chups mascot, Chupa Chuck, on a wild roller coaster ride around the world.

On a marketer’s desk, Lol-a-Coaster is a mechanism to drive customers to enter a competition where they, too, can sample the best roller coasters the world has to offer.  But Pachinko, saw it as an opportunity to make an extremely original game with an interesting brand and mascot.

Pachinko learned early on in the project that the Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali. While working in his shadow was tremendously humbling, it was also immeasurably inspiring. The team worked ferociously hard on Lol-a-Coaster for six months straight – occasionally erupting into massive arguments about fun, art, and lunch. It’s not what you’d expect in a games development studio, but Lol-a-Coaster was a real labour of love for Pachinko.

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