Longstanding KERB Journal Released For 2013

KERB was originally a RMIT University pamphlet, emerging in 1989 with the purpose of critiquing and discussing landscape architecture. Growing steadily over time, KERB has graduated as an arts journal, published annually, and sharing the thoughts and projects of a diverse selection of local and contributors.

KERB is unique in that it is entirely compiled and edited each year by a small team of students, who select the articles dedicated to the yearly theme of the edition. In 2011, Melbourne studio Trampoline was asked to completely redesign KERB. Headed by Sean Hogan, a design strategy was put in place to suitably support all future issues of the journal with a highly flexible structure, including the the masthead, typography, grid structures and image usage, that would adapt to a range of submissions over the yearly theme. Hogan assigned each issue with a colour on the spine that over years of shelving, form a full colour spectrum.

“The journal boasts diverse contributions from around the world,” Hogan proudly reports. “The redesign was to initiate a coherent design strategy that could capitalise on that. It is wonderful to see that KERB is now featured on university reading lists around the world.”

Issue 19 was selected in the Archizines world tour exhibition, recognised as an arts journal of historical and social significance.

Issue 21 (2013) is the third KERB.
Art directed by Trampoline. Published by Melbourne Books. 
Editors and designers: Dion Gery, William Kennedy, Harriet Robertson, Bella Leber Smeaton.

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