Loop 8 Architects’ rebrand

CLIENT:  Loop 8 Architects

TANK has designed a brand identity for Melbourne-based Loop 8 Architects which works on multiple levels: a symbol communicating Loop 8’s collaborative approach and a living brandmark that can embrace new colours and photography.

The brandmark highlights Glenn and his team’s collaborative ethos. The figure 8 became a symbol to communicate Loop 8’s methodology, a visual device showcasing the continuous links through their work and a living, fluid symbol that can evolve over time and surprise the viewer each time they saw it.

According to Jim Antonopoulos, executive creative director of TANK, “We were delighted to work with an architectural firm with a collaborative philosophy similar to our own. Our strategy included the development of a brand identity that was both meaningful and will continually evolve, just like a good business relationship, keeping the visual imagery contemporary and fresh over the years to come. We worked with Glenn Irwin [Loop 8’s principal architect] and his business development consultant Jo Gilbert to understand the business and develop an identity that was both unique and meaningful.”

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