LMFF 2011 – Set Design

STUDIO:  Qualia Creative
DESIGNER(S):  David Gill, Dave Smith, Brett Hamm
CLIENT:  L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival

Qualia Creative was commissioned by the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival to design the set for this year’s Business Seminar. The objective was to create a set that supported this year’s future-forwards speakers (including Dazed Group founder, Jefferson Hack and CEO of ACNE, Mikael Schiller) while reflecting the narrative of fashion’s progress and function in shaping individual identities.

The thematic of exploded frames was chosen in allusion to the fashion vernacular of magazine photography. However, given the nature of the speakers and the new directions and opportunities offered by the contemporary flow of digital information, it was also important that the set referenced online culture in some way.

To reference the growing importance of digital imagery within the fashion industry, frames were overlayed as ‘pixels’ to form a larger whole while the images’ explosion beyond their frames’ acknowledged the unconstrained nature of online information flows.

To recognise the varied personal uses and perceptions of fashion, the frames were suspended at differing heights and depths to accommodate multiple perspectives. The use of pine ensured that the set also featured organic textures impossible to mimic synthetically which served as a warm counterpoint to mirrored highlights incorporated to echo the glow of digital screens.

  • LMFF_SetDesignRight
  • L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival
  • LMFF_SetDesignFront
  • L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival
  • L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

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