Love Lace exhibition

DESIGNER(S):  Eva Dijkstra and Michael Lugmayr; Exhibition design: Durbach Block; Exhibition photography: Jessica Lindsay
CLIENT:  Powerhouse Museum

Toko is behind the concept, visual identity and exhibition graphics for the Powerhouse Museum’s exhibition ‘Love Lace’ (running from 30 July 2011 – April 2013).

From a disused farm truck revived by its impressive metal lace body,  a sculpture of a female uterus made from delicately knitted human hair, and a replica Ford motor engine created from thin crocheted steel. These are just some of the extraordinary works featured  in ‘Love Lace’.

The Museum’s need to present a provocative challenge to conventional notions of lace in order to attract new audiences was the key motivator for Toko to develop a ‘Revolutionary’ visual identity  concept for this extraordinary exhibition. Preconceived opinions of Lace are challenged by a provocatively bold execution of marketing and advertising collateral.

‘The Lace revolution’ embodied in taglines: “Make Lace Not War”, “Not Just a Thread”, and “Open Work For Everyone!” come to live in a dynamic bold visual identity representing revolutionary vernacular such as protest signs,  badges and poster walls.

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3 Responses

  1. A very bold identity for the delicate nature of lace. A very stark contrast to the works in the exhibition.

  2. Steven

    @ nicola, did you read the text above the images?

  3. Yes, read the project description and went to the exhibition. I understand the challenge to the historical nature of lace and was just commenting on the differences between the works and the identity.

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