Clean typography from LudwigType: Riga & Riga Screen

Riga & Riga Screen from Will Aslett at LudwigType

Riga is a space-saving and highly legible typeface designed to work equally well on paper and on screen. It’s personality is clear and practical, yet warm and polite. Economical proportions, high x-height and open letter forms result in a very useable typeface. In particular, for delicate tasks like narrow columns or tight headlines. It is suitable for a wide variety of typography, such as complex corporate design, editorial, information graphics, packaging, wayfinding and branding projects. Riga is exceptionally readable at small point sizes and elegant at larger ones.

Riga Screen has been designed to work particularly well on screen. Responsive websites and office applications will appreciate it’s economic proportions. It has been specially engineered and optimized for exceptional readability in small sizes on all current computer monitors, in­cluding tablets and smartphones. Riga Screen has been carefully ClearType hinted to ensure optimal on-screen performance in all browsers and applications. Since Mac OS ignores font hinting completely, Riga Screen is slightly ligher to gain a more balanced image of text on Apple devices.

riga1 riga3 riga2

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