Luni Baby Cradle

STUDIO:  Tujunen/Harmens/Frich
DESIGNER(S):  Izelin Tujunen, Erik Harmens & Anniken Frich

Luni is a baby cradle who highlight the sensation of intimacy between the baby and the parents, as well as creating a warm an cozy environment as if inside the womb. Everything about creating and nursing a baby is a natural process, and therefore we found it essential to use natural materials.

Babies explores and relates a lot with their senses when their born, and therefore it was important for us to create a cradle that gave the baby a feeling of safety, closeness and warmth when the night comes. By using oak and wool for the main construction, we highlight these qualities. The oak represents safety and warmth with its strong abilities, colors and visual structure, while the wool creates a soft and warm feeling around the baby.

Luni gives the parents the possibility to tilt the cradle in two directions when the bed is on the rack. By twisting a pendulum upwards the end user can easily lock the cradle. If wanted they can also detach the bed from the rack and place it on the floor, for example in the living room, and rock the baby at daytime.

The cradle`s walls can be folded down by zippers and give parents access to the baby when needed. With this function the cradle can stand next to the parents bed and develop a feeling of comfort and security, for both the parents and the baby. The textile is removable and washable.

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