Make the news with the COLORS News Machine

STUDIO:  Fabrica
CLIENT:  Colors Magazine

The COLORS News Machine was designed and built for the launch of COLORS #86 – Making the News, in collaboration with Canadian interaction designer Jonathan Chomko at Fabrica. Tweet something to @colorsmachine and your “headline” is echoed through different media filters and into print. The unapologetically analogue, lo-fi device consists of a megaphone, tape recorder, monitor, and video recorder – all of which are used to translate tweets into a personalised Little Printer-esque receipt. The process alters the original tweet slightly through little mistranslations between the filters, until the final headline is a (somewhat) corrupted version of its source.

This process highlights some of the issues in contemporary news media, such as technology, bias, and miscommunication. As COLORS state, you never know what might happen when you send your words off into the world – after Italian news hoaxer Tommaso De Benedetti tweeted the (fake) death of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2012, crude oil prices rose by US $1.17 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Watch the full video of the machine in action here.

A version of the News Machine also appears on the cover of the Colors #86, and this issue reveals the backstage of contemporary journalism, including stories on drone-wielding paparazzi, terrorist press releases and anti-mafia vigilante television anchors. Making the News explores how world events are selected, shaped, and sent to you in time for breakfast.

The machine will be on display at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy.
Colors #86- Making the News is available now.

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