Making inspired by language at Gelatology workshop

Following the result of a handmade design collection and illustrated fanzine, Gelatology is a series of workshops held by Venice-based Studio Fludd that looks “through the metaphor and the model of an ice-cream cone” to explore “milky geometries and marbled combinations of matter.” And the results are striking.

Each workshop offers a taste of the studio’s own brand of creative methodology and design approach, allowing guests to “experience a process which begins by collecting and re-elaborating differing types of stimuli and concludes with a visually effective material product.”

Meaning, the participants are given three randomly chosen adjectives, their materials, techniques and visual references are determined, and allowed dedicated sketch time. Then the crafting and creating begins, with the final products documented and exchanged via Tumblr.

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to grab, decorate and stuff a paper cone, contact the studio at ciao@studiofludd to arrange your own Gelatology workshop.

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