Manual’s packaging and identity for sophisticated Soma

As producers of a refined water filtration system, Soma approached San-Francisco based Manual to create packaging and a brand identity that would encapsulate the company’s personality as being “both sophisticated and elegant, while also approachable and a little playful.” The studio explain that they designed a flexible logotype primarily appearing vertically — inspired by the concepts of water filtration and air bubbles. “We extended this vocabulary into a playful set of circular icons representing all facets of the brand (filtration, water, taste, glass, compassion, sustainability).”

The studio needed Soma’s direct-to-consumer packaging to be “functional and sustainable, yet a little unexpected.” They note that when “working in collaboration with Soma’s industrial designers MoreLess, we developed a cylindrical recycled packaging structure to protect the carafe, and provide a little surprise when the delivery man arrives.” The final direction followed a “whiteboard session where we sketched out a few ideas about what the packaging could be – both from a structural perspective and an aesthetic point. We landed upon the idea of a cylinder package — a capsule-like form.”

Manual is currently partnering with Soma on a national roll-out of retail packaging in Target and Williams Sonoma, as well as future product packaging and creative direction of the brand.

  • SOMA-cards1-1500x1000
  • SOMA-filter-boxes_RET-1500x1000
  • Soma-Gif1
  • SOMA-tube-open_RET-1500x1000
  • SOMA-tubes_RET-1500x1000
  • Dwight-image-hero1-1500x1000
  • PFHigh_Pour-199_02_R2_FNL-1
  • SOMA-489_RET_new-1500x1000
  • SomaBottle_211-1500x1000
  • SOMAPoster-7_211-1500x1000

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