Masked Intentions reinvents the mask for the 21st century

He Made She Made recently invited 21 artists and designers alike to create and display a bespoke mask as part of their Masked Intentions exhibition

The brief was amorphous with the intention of generating a divergent body of work. From deeply personal experiences, to social commentary, to future projections, the conceptual narratives were as varied as the physical executions. No conceptual or material boundaries to the masks have been adhered to other than that they must be wearable and fit a human sized head. The finished masks take on various forms, presenting unique stories of their genuine (or fictional) significance to the world and their creators.

Head on over to the He Made She Made online store to learn more about the work, or to purchase prints of the masks, as photographed by Tomasz Machnik.

A limited edition Masked Intentions publication is also available for purchase.

  • desktop-mask-arse
  • desktop-mask-bubbly-thoughts
  • desktop-mask-crypsis
  • desktop-mask-elvis
  • desktop-mask-fulk-me
  • desktop-mask-glimpse-of-another
  • desktop-mask-jadis
  • desktop-mask-lady-roaccutane
  • desktop-mask-ms-doom
  • desktop-mask-oceanid
  • desktop-mask-oracle
  • desktop-mask-otto
  • desktop-mask-pixel-face
  • desktop-mask-the-candleman
  • desktop-mask-the-gypsy-crown
  • desktop-mask-the-id
  • desktop-mask-welcome-to-the-jungle
  • desktop-mask-WWW
  • desktop-mask-black-out
  • desktop-mask-amertrine-queen

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