Meet The Nexus — Coat Hangers Reinvented

Seaton McKeon’s break-up with his girlfriend gave him a big idea. “It was when she returned my clothes in a garbage bag, all without hangers, that I began thinking,” he explained. “It’s like that simple story of necessity being the mother of creation — when it came to the everyday coat hanger, any sense of quality and durability had been squeezed out of the product altogether.”

McKeon had discovered a hidden niche with an item that designers used everyday, but which seemed go unnoticed. “Wire hangers are more celebrated for their ability to perform as antenna than as great devices to hold clothing,” he mused. “I felt like they were just blindly moved from one place to another.” McKeon started designing, but it wasn’t just a stronger, more durable hanger he wanted to create, he wanted to reinvent the silhouette—the semiology of the hanger—at the same time. “The design ambition was to create a hanger that was a 3 dimensional object as well as a 2 dimensional symbol, which could both represent and perform the function of a hanger,” he explained.

“I made an embarrassing number of prototypes, from hand cut cardboard mockups, to using cnc macined pvc, to get to the final design,” he told us. After all the trials and errors, he found his solution— the Nexus hanger. Laser cut from optical grade polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and hand finished, McKeon had sculpted the iconic shape he desired. “I have pretty much achieved the aesthetic I was after,” he told us. The function met the mark, as well— “They are super tough. I don’t hesitate at hanging my motorbike jacket on one, which has snapped lesser hangers. They have exceptional weathering and impact resistance. And being completely transparent, they are perfect for retail— they promote the garments that they hold.”

Which is what Belinda Seper thought when setting up her Sydney fashion boutique, The Corner Shop. Used throughout her store in The Strand, McKeon is now determined that Nexus hangers are the future across retail. “Retail is a perfect application for Nexus hangers. They’re invisible as well as compact— so you can fit more on a rack and in a box,” he explains. But that isn’t all— it is the Nexus as a symbol that he sees really catching on. McKeon thinks big: “I think ultimately the Nexus silhouette could become the universal ‘coat check’ symbol seen in public spaces, bars, restaurants and airports.”


The Nexus hangers are Australian designed and manufactured.

Images: Chris Fatseas
Model: Alys Hale

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