Meets Obsession QR Code Fashion Illustration

STUDIO:  Yiying Lu
DESIGNER(S):  Yiying Lu
CLIENT:  Meets Obsession

Fashion illustrations commissioned by US fashion and culture magazine Meets Obsession for its feature story ’10 Most Intriguing in Fashion’, which will profile ten notable names in fashion who have made the industry’s most intriguing headlines this year.

Each of these illustrations include an embedded Quick Response (QR) code, that, once scanned with a mobile device, will reveal the name of the fashion icon, artist name as well as a web address where users learn further information about the project, plus get a physical copy of the Meets Obsession magazine online.

  • Anna-Wintour.jpg
  • anna-wintour-ciphered.jpg
  • Andrej-Pejic.jpg
  • Mary-Kate-&-Ashley-Olsen.jpg
  • mk-olsen-scan.jpg

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