Melbourne’s 2011 Christmas campaign

STUDIO:  Hive Creative
CLIENT:  City of Melbourne

In March this year City of Melbourne sent a brief for the new Christmas decorations to two design agencies, and the successful agency was Hive Creative. The brief asked Hive to design a range of Christmas decoration concepts inspired by traditional Christmas carols in a number of city locations, as well as create a Christmas look and feel based on 1950s retro style.

The overall vision is to make the city’s Christmas decorations a destination in its own right, to complement the city’s signature events and external offerings. The designs also needed to meet the following criteria:

  • They needed to have a day and night element and be authentic to the southern hemisphere i.e. no snow.
  • They needed to be striking enough to encourage people around the city as part of an activation strategy.
  • There needed to be appropriate City of Melbourne branding for recognition of the Council as the owners of the decorations.
  • It was recommended that the decorations had a sustainable element, for example use recycled or sustainable materials and/or require low use of energy.

The result is in Melbourne’s CBD right now.

  • christmas6
  • christmas4
  • christmas5
  • christmas3
  • christmas2
  • christmas1
  • christmas

3 Responses

  1. Che

    Far too obvious and a missed opportunity in my opinion. Either no good ideas surfaced or they couldn’t sell the solutions well enough to the City of Melbourne.

  2. Nmf

    Melbourne looks amazing this Xmas- especially love the mistletoe bridge!! Che- how insightful your comments are!!

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