Melbourne Music Week 2012

STUDIO:  HIVE Creative
DESIGNER(S):  Nunzio Miano, Sean McCaul, Michael Cain
CLIENT:  City of Melbourne

Melbourne Music Week is a week-long music festival featuring 100 events across 70 venues.

Whether you see an acoustic show in a cafe, a jazz gig in an alley or a rave in a warehouse – the diversity of artists, genres and locations is astounding.

HIVE’s creative concept expressed the event’s rich diversity through contrasting images, colours and typefaces. This strategy allowed the studio to apply the campaign creative to a wide-range of collateral including programs, posters, postcards and website.

  • MMW_CS_01.jpg
  • MMW_CS_02.jpg
  • MMW_CS_03.jpg
  • MMW_CS_04.jpg
  • MMW_CS_05.jpg
  • MMW_CS_06.jpg

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