Tin&Ed illustrate fantastical luxury with their Distant Colony

Edward Cutting and Tin Nguyen of Melbourne studio Tin&Ed have just snuck a new illustration project onto their website. Splitting their work between ‘commissions’ and ‘studio projects’, the duo’s self-initiated experiments (like their abundant collection of experimental still lifes and their playful Instagram feed) often spills over into their client work, earning them their reputation for unexpected, unique design work.

Distant Colony is a series of illustrations that depict fantastical domestic scenes from an imagined place. Featuring furniture by Greta GrossmanAndrea BranziLuigi Colani, Wendell Castle and Ettore Sotsass, the studio explained that these make-believe arrangements allow them to imagine these luxury objects as possessions, and rather than break the bank, the medium of illustration permits these objects to be interpreted and enjoyed free of charge. We are keen to see where this idea takes them.


  • tined_colony_04-800x1024
  • tin&ed
  • tined_colony_11-800x1024
  • tined_colony_22
  • tined_colony_24-800x1024
  • tined_colony_26-800x1024
  • tined_colony_27-800x1024
  • tined_colony_29-800x1024
  • tined_colony_29-800x1024

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