Mexico City’s innovative LabPLC program branding by Blok

The Canadian / Mexican design studio Blok purposefully seek out initiatives that blend cultural awareness with a love for art and humanity. Their recent identity project for Mexico City’s innovative program, Labratorio Para Lu Ciudad (LabPLC), the studio explain that their “governmental-type stamp” has been “reinterpreted through a contemporary lens” lending the brand “an officious air of a bureau approving the bold experiments at play”.

Directed by Gabriella Gómez-Mont, a TED Senior Fellow and Yale World Fellow, LabPLC initiates Mexico City as a space to promote multidisciplinary encounters with civic innovation while also encouraging dialogue between the government and its people — a program, Gomez-Mont hopes, that can heal the social divisions in her city. ”Civic innovation is about re-imagining platforms where government and civil society can collaborate differently,” she told Forbes. “We’re proposing that government is a platform that belongs to everyone where we do together what we cannot do alone. A lot of young people don’t feel that politics is relevant to the way they view their city. If we want to live in the urban space that we all imagine, we have to do it together.”

With an identity that has a “fluidity and elasticity”, echoing the experimental nature of LabPLC’s work, the studio also utilises bold lines and calculated angles that mimic an urban grid. Cool grey, clean white, inky black and citric yellow sit alongside each other to create a palette that is restrained yet reminiscent of industrial signage, bright hardhats and concrete — the basic materials for building something new. Having created the logo, print collateral, signage and branding for LabPLC, Blok decided to create four different versions of the wordmark as they foresaw official names getting appropriated and modified by locals, and kept the branding cohesive by beating them to it.

Through the cohesive use of linear composition and intersecting lines we are urged to make a connection to street directories and even carefully measured architectural blueprints — the circular logo encouraging a likeness to a badge of executive approval, under the power of the people.

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