Moniker brands global non-profit

“We believe that entrepreneurs are the leading drivers of prosperity, jobs, and innovation. Without entrepreneurship, we would cease to move forward within our local economies and in our world.” With this belief, non-profit Up Global state their mission to support “grassroots leaders” within communities in order to drive localised growth with a global impact.

Formed after a merger between Startup Weekend and Startup America, President Obama’s initiative to accelerate entrepreneurship throughout the nation, the newly merger company needed a brand. Such an ambition required an identity system that displayed the uplifting and transformative effects of entrepreneurship, as well as an innate confidence and capability to act as a facilitator and pillar of strength for the cause.

It was San Francisco-based design and branding studio Moniker (not to be confused with Amsterdam-based design studio Moniker) who landed the job, working closely with the Up Global team to create a system that was globally applicable.

The outcome sees a contrasting palette of darks and pastels colouring a simple arrow logomark, with a host of icons to support it. To transfer the brand value between continents and languages, the focus on universal iconography transcends cultural barriers. “With potentially hundreds of future regional chapters, a flexible system was created to allow each chapter to customise the logo with their location and unique colour,” explains the Moniker team.

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