Motel rebrand

STUDIO:  Creative Order
DESIGNER(S):  David Marc Marinelli & Todd Lopez
CLIENT:  Darcy Group
Motel, one of Melbourne’s longest running nightclubs, has recently undergone a complete rebrand. Creative Order worked closely with the Darcy Group to redefine the Motel brand and experience, and together with a sophisticated renovation by Jean-Pierre Biasol, has been able to elevate it to a new level of luxury. Having wrenched the brand from its retro 50′s stylings, it was important to create a marque that was timeless. Taking influences from the interior space, it is formed by an intricate web structure that weaves to create a visual illusion of movement.
  • 1_Motel_Monogram
  • 2_Motel_AccountCard
  • 4_Motel_BusinessCard
  • 5_Motel_DoorHanger
  • 6_Motel_PosterWall
  • 7_Motel_Website-Home

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  1. Don Lopez

    Excellent guys!

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