MTV stationery

STUDIO:  Motherbird

MTV approached Motherbird to refresh their corporate stationery kit. With an open brief, Motherbird presented the idea of photocopying each staff member doing something unique to them. A set of words were then produced, giving it that ultimate MTV cheeky feel. Each MTV staff member had two different photocopies and two words each, resulting in a rather big print run. The print included four spot fluorescent inks.

  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_21.jpg
  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_07.jpg
  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_01.jpg
  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_13.jpg
  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_12.jpg
  • Folio_Web_MTV_Stationery_16.jpg

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