Mundo Churrasco website

DESIGNER(S):  Fabiano Nava
CLIENT:  Mundo Churrasco

N4VA was behind a new website for Mundo Churrasco, a Brazilian BBQ restaurant based in Brisbane.

Fabiano Nava, creative director of N4VA explains that the project all began in November 2011 when talking to Mundo’s restaurant manager (a good friend of his). “He told me how Mundo was struggling and he was becoming frustrated in the process of having the website redesigned. Immediately I saw an incredible opportunity to handle the website redesign of the most traditional Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Queensland.”

It took four months of intense creative process to come up with the look and feel of a traditional Brazilian restaurant without leaning towards a cheesy look with Brazilian flags, football and Carnival images everywhere. The result incorporated huge pictures for each of the categories, highlighting the strongest selling points and also making the restaurant a better target for search engines. To achieve the above all the menus are available as posts, rather than as PDF files attached to the pages.

In the first two weeks of website operation Mundo has attracted more than 1,300 unique visitors and has booked over 500 seats in their dining room.

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