Chicken Scratch and Smash&Grab

STUDIO:  Meny Miny Mo
DESIGNER(S):  Terry Chisholm
CLIENT:  Self-initiated

Sydney-based Kiwi designer Terry Chisholm has developed two new fonts: ‘Chicken Scratch and ‘Smash&Grab’.

Currently working for Sydney agency The Monkeys (formerly Three Drunk Monkeys), Chisholm explains “I created these fonts to be used as drop caps. My inspiration for ‘Smash&Grab’ was when a friend smashed a glass at the pub and oddly enough it formed what looked like an ampersand. ‘Chicken Scratch’ is a combination of influences including the typographic string work of my friend Dominique Falla as well as the game ‘Pick up Sticks’. As you can imagine it started with straight lines, which then progressed to a looser, less structured look with curved lines.”

Both of Chisholm’s fonts will be available on the usual font sites soon.

Click on the images below to view at the correct size.

Bottom left: Chicken Scratch. Below right: Smash&Grab.

  • Explosion_CapNumbersV01
  • Explosion_CapNumbersV01
  • Explosion_CapNumbersV01

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