New York TV favourite reprised with Yule Log 2.0 animation project

On 3 December a film collaboration titled Yule Log 2.0 was launched and curated by New York-based animator Daniel Savage. On offer are a variety of festive and aesthetically pleasing animations that centre around the tradition of the TV yule log, which was first broadcast in 1966 by WPIX-TV to commemorate Christmas and create the illusion of festivity, comfort and warmth in the apartments of New Yorkers that did not have fireplaces.

Featuring contributions by more than 30 artists, the digital project provides an eclectic series of short interpretations of the Yule Log theme that are layered with commentary, satire and glorious design. There are 54 videos in total, each running at 10 to 20 seconds in length. Viewers are strongly encouraged to stream the content on a loop to reflect the calming effect characteristic of the traditional Yule Log broadcast.

“Rule number one for me was keeping it diverse,” Savage told Motionographer. “A lot of community projects tend to stick within their own niche industry, which has great results, but I wanted it to be more broad. I encouraged collaboration, which is why there were more artists than submissions. And I specifically invited a lot of people who don’t animate professionally, which was the most exciting part for me.”

Yule Log 2.0 will be showing at New York’s Big Screen Plaza throughout the US winter as well as being projected nightly on to the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) from 12 to 23 December.

Find out more about Yule Log 2.0 here. Find out more about Daniel Savage here.


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