Noise In my Head documents Australia’s music underground

Noise in My Head: Voices from the ugly Australian underground documents the music, songwriting, styles and struggles of fifty of Australia’s most significant bands and artists that are currently at their creative peak. The book exposes the underground, critically heralded cult music scene thorough the eyes and reports of Jimi Kritzler, a journalist and a musician. Enjoying a connection to many of the musicians he speaks to, Kritzler’s interviews are personal and revealing, exploring more than the production of music — in some circumstances, struggles with drugs, involvement in crime and the death of band members.

Melbourne-based Trampoline‘s sparse but careful treatment of the layout of this book has stuck to a formula of few disruptive elements, like pushing its cover titles to the wider extremities of the page, —”marginalised”, perhaps—with text framing the content like slabs of onlookers.

With a topic such as this, it wouldn’t have been unreasonable to expect a designer to utilise distressed type, styles of lo-fi technologies and a dark palette, so it is refreshing to see a book where an exposition of a piece of uniquely Australian grittiness can be presented in a way that draws more in the name of documentation, rather than stylised derivation.

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