Occupied Mono

DESIGNER(S):  Luke Robertson and Aaron Gillett
CLIENT:  Self-initiated - academic brief

This project was developed for a final year typography research project at The Queensland College of Art by Luke Robertson and Aaron Gillett.

The recent Occupy Wall Street movement has spawned a global following, inspiring citizens in many Western countries to come together to protest against the political and social injustice and greed that has become the norm in many first world democratic nations. After some research into the supporting visual language that was developing alongside the movement, it was clear there was a great lack of cohesion and strength in the messages being communicated. A monospaced, display typeface was developed as a response to this perceived lack of visual coherence, intended to unify the voice of the occupiers.

The monospace was chosen for it’s appearance as a machine-like and systematic (law-abiding) typeface. It carries connotations of a monotonous, obedient army — but has been subverted in subtle ways to draw attention to the motives of the protestors.

Select type specimens were over-printed onto found newspaper stock in a single colour. The newspaper effectively became ‘occupied’ with the existing design adopting a whole new meaning.

  • occupiedmono_1
  • occupiedmono_2
  • occupiedmono_8
  • occupiedmono_6
  • occupiedmono_7
  • occupiedmono_9
  • occupiedmono_11
  • occupiedmono_16

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