of1000kings vs. Battle Tees

STUDIO:  White Chocolate Wonderland
DESIGNER(S):  J Christopher
CLIENT:  Battle Tees

‘Under Arrest (cause you’re the best)’ is the premier collaborative effort presented as part of Battle Tees’ limited edition Artist series ‘xxxxx’ vs. Battle Tees.

Battle Tees and I shared the same goal with this project: strengthen the relationship between tee and art (art is the means and the end).

This collaboration produced four illustrated portraits in the style I work in, termed ‘organic realism.’ Each of the portraits illustrates an extreme of personality in the individual that we in western societies (or more recently ‘reality tv’ cultures) crave; we want this people and we want to be like them. This is essentially the reasoning in the ‘mugshot’ scenarios.

To further the mission of the project, each tee is packaged with a set of all four portraits on posters. The hope is that people will, in small part, start to see more value in art for its own sake as presented on a more social medium than a canvas in a gallery.

  • Fame.jpg
  • Charisma.jpg
  • 00 COMBO POSTER.jpg
  • 04 STYLING ON YOU FEMME 01.jpg

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