STUDIO:  feliciaaurora
DESIGNER(S):  Felicia Eriksson
CLIENT:  Student brief (Billy Blue)

In response to a fictional brief from the City of Sydney, Offstream is a proposed campaign to reconnect city dwellers with their public spaces, utilising unused routes and laneways to create new pedestrian channels and reclaim the city from traffic.

Pedestrians follow bold environmental signage and use an intelligent augmented reality smartphone app to navigate through repurposed and redefined urban areas, making inner city travel an immersive, entertaining and unique experience. The Offstream project is primed to partner with Sydney’s many existing cultural initiatives to host (for example) open galleries or installation art within the CBD.

  • OSTRM_9
  • OSTRM_8
  • OSTRM_6
  • OSTRM_3
  • OSTRM_2
  • OSTRM_1

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