Paddington Reservoir Gardens

STUDIO:  Symple Creative
DESIGNER(S):  Haline Ly, Kevin Vo; Typography: Wil Loeng; Artistic horticulture advisor: Danielle Collier
CLIENT:  City of Sydney

This installation is a City of Sydney initiative that aims to activate the Paddington Reservoir Gardens in New South Wales with free and engaging passive temporary art. Modern Day Mossages is the brainchild of Popperbox and Symple Creative. For this, a short moss poem has been installed onto the southern reservoir wall and will quietly explore growth, nourishment, rejuvenation and the future.

Produced in collaboration with ABC Open multimedia journalist and artist Sonya Gee, this project pays homage to the Paddington Society’s John Thompson and budding Sydney poets and writers. Using poetry as a base, this typographic artwork has been laid out and produced onto the reservoir’s walls by using locally sourced moss and mud. The final design draws inspiration from UK artist Anna Garforth and Andy Goldsworthy’s art, silently introducing language into the reservoir’s landscape; a quiet collaboration with nature.

The installation is on a 2 m x 7 m wall and will feature in the gardens from Saturday 25 February 2012 to Sunday 1 April 2012.

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  1. Carolyn Little

    I was completely blown away by the beautiful sunken garden at Paddington Reservoir site. I recognise some of the plants but wonder if you could provide me with a list, as I would like to use some of them in my own garden.

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