Peculiar Elegance: Baton

STUDIO:  Fatype
DESIGNER(S):  Yassin Baggar and Anton Koovit

Originally commissioned for GQ (France), typeface Baton has been released by its creators Yassin Baggar and Anton Koovit of Fatype studio.

Baton carries those proportional imbalances seen in many typefaces released 2010 – 2013. As Baggar and Koovit explain, the contemporary shapes are “inspired by french vernacular typography, with those eccentric shapes, and then combined with modern sans serifs”.

There is a crisp elegance to these modern oddities, personified in Lineto’s 2012 release, Brown, and seen here in the low-contrast forms. ”It’s the exaggerated high and low midline in the uppercase and the small x-height that distinguish Baton,” describe Baggar and Koovit. “With the lowercase relatively wider and more toned down, it functions well in short texts, such as ledes, as well as displays.”

Baton comes in 10 styles with an extended language support and a wide range of OpenType features such as ligatures, alternate letters, tabular and lowercase figures, fractions, and a stylistic set of uppercase with thin accents for headlines with tight leading.

Baton is available exclusively at
Free trial fonts are available from the website.

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  • Baton_5
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  • Baton

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