Peppermint masthead redesign

STUDIO:  Gemma O'Brien
CLIENT:  Peppermint magazine

The team at Peppermint magazine had been wanting to change the masthead for a while and felt that it was the right time due to expansion of their distribution base into the UK and other destinations abroad (as well as more stockists in Australia).

“Essentially, we wanted it to better reflect our style and what we are about,” said editor and founder of Peppermint, Kelley Sheenan. And so it was crafted by hand, with a slight-vintage but still contemporary and friendly feel. “We also wanted to have the masthead over one line as the angles have always been difficult to balance. We chose Gemma O’Brien for her obvious talent for hand-drawing typefaces and her great style, as well as our design team’s enormous artistic crush on her. Gemma was lovely to work with and all up, we love the result – especially the clear foil we used to help make it ‘ping’ on the newsstands. We also updated some of the fonts on the inside, to help align the style with the new look cover.”

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  1. ashley

    what is the typeface you used for the title

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