QuarkXPress 10 is announced

Quark today announced QuarkXpress 10, the newest version of the graphic design and page layout software that incorporates significant enhancements and modernisations.

Improved with over 50 feature enhancements, Quark says the software streamlines the design process and improves the design experience.

“This has been a monumental undertaking by the development team to thoroughly modernise QuarkXPress in terms of the application environment, architecture, user interface, and graphics engine,” said Quark Chief Technology Officer Dave White. “We’re excited not only for this release, but also the foundation that has been put in place for future QuarkXPress features.”

Along with Quark’s new Wenon Graphics Engine and Retina display support, other distinguishing enhancements include:

  • benefits of running as a native Cocoa app
  • adaptive resolutions
  • native understanding of image and vector files
  • dynamically rendered PDFs
  • updated user interface, with new palette features, page navigator, full-screen experience and a measurements
  • palette that replaces the Modify dialogue
  • built-in QR Code Creator
  • support for East Asian typography
  • import of pictures and hyperlinks from Microsoft Word
  • improved IME support
  • highlights for missing fonts

Peruse the list of new features in full here.

  • QuarkXpress 10 vector comparison to QuarkXress9
  • QXP10 box
  • QuarkXpress 10 slideshow feature
  • QuarkXpress10 edit colour

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