R.I.S. brands Ink Films with television tradition

R.I.S. Projects represents the London design studio of Lee Owens & Angelique Piliere, better known as Revenge is Sweet, who work across design and art direction in identity, retail and web-based projects.

Their online self-description of creating work that is “the combination of content with ideas, image making techniques and typographic approaches” that “respond appropriately” to the brief undersells their meticulous method considerably — a glance through their portfolio confirms their tailored, sensitive applications immediately, and a longer look opens up their quiet, yet confident, design rigour. Fashion lookbooks, leather shoe insoles and studio experiments all receive the same dedicated care and craft.

Their identity work for ink films stands out as somewhat bolder than their previous work. The film production company, based in Leeds & London, now has a identity that “uses visual cues from the design language of film and television”, anchoring the brand firmly within the industry, and ”implies an intimate knowledge of the industry, history and process of film production.” They forgot to mention it is also rather playful, a tongue-in-cheek application of the idea of “production”, even down to the branding of the pencils.

See more of R.I.S Projects work at http://www.ris-projects.com/

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