Ready? Play. TVC

STUDIO:  M&C Saatchi Melbourne
CLIENT:  Tennis Australia

M&C Saatchi Melbourne has created a campaign for Tennis Australia, ‘‘Ready? Play.’, which urges active tennis watchers to become active tennis players.

The TVC features Sam Stosur serving in a match at the Australian Open. The ball is ‘returned’ by a variety of everyday Australians playing on suburban courts, school courts and even when walking their dog in the park.

M&C Saatchi Melbourne creative director Doogie Chapman said the tagline ‘Ready? Play.’ works on a variety of levels. “A quintessentially tennis saying, the line is an invitation to each viewer. It’s the tennis way of asking, ‘want to get involved?’ or ‘how about having a go yourself?’. And it’s intentionally a question because more than just awareness, this campaign is all about motivating a response. ‘Play’ is the other essential piece of the puzzle. In a time when we know Australians are leading increasingly stressful and busy lives, we want to pose tennis as the happy antidote.”

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