Recycling takes off

STUDIO:  Ecocreative
DESIGNER(S):  Jeremy Boyd (CD), Clare Andrew (GD), Robin Green (Illustration)
CLIENT:  Adelaide Airport

Ecocreative recently designed and developed an interactive waste display for the Adelaide Airport to launch its new recycling bins. It centres around the topic of waste and resource management in a lighthearted yet educational manner.

A challenge presented by the placement of the installation within the airport terminal was the need to appeal to a wide social, cultural and age demographic. The strong visual nature of the resulting installation aims to be universally appealing and communicative through icons, colour and sequence, rather than language alone.

With one of the new recycling bins positioned centrally as the hero, the floor-based installation engages both children and adults, encouraging them to physically walk the journey of each of the three waste streams as they learn about the process. The campaign was further extended through kids’ activity sheets and table-talker information cards.

Photography by

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  1. Such a fun lighthearted approach to easy recycling, it looks great.

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