Riddles, Sorcery and Deceit – a mythological love story

STUDIO:  Webuyyourkids
DESIGNER(S):  Sonny Day, Biddy Maroney
CLIENT:  Izrock Pressings

Riddles, Sorcery and Deceit is an tale of seduction, revenge, and magic. Japanese maiden Fami is visited in the night by an ancient demon called Umis, who has just come back to life after a long, deep hibernation. But what are his intentions? What is this strange transformation that has happened to Fami since he visited? And most importantly, will there be a happy ending?

The answers to all these questions and more are to be found in this new, original, 24 page adult picture book that has been written, designed, and illustrated by Sydney based artists Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney – better known collectively as Webuyyourkids.

The book, published by Izrock Pressings Australia, is to be released as a companion piece to two new skateboard designs for Pass Port.

The creation of this story (their very first published work) has been a labour of love for Webuyyourkids – produced after-hours and between jobs, over a period of 18 months.

“We’re so happy to have a little book out there in the world. The original idea was to release a zine of illustrations related to the two board graphics, and as two comic book fans we wanted to make something with a story. The story Sonny came up with evolved into a massive fable, as we didn’t write it down for some months. Each time he recited it, it became longer and more elaborate. In the end we chipped away at it bit by bit whenever we had a spare moment, and focused on condensing his epic tale down into the most uncomplicated explanations, simplest words and most abstracted imagery we could. ” says Biddy Maroney

Inspired by Japanese psychedelic posters and erotica, the book brings together many of the interests and ideas that Webuyyourkids have explored over the years.

“Artists such as Tadanori Yokoo, Toshio Sakei and Zeloot (from NL) have been big influences on us over the last few years, and the creation of this book. We’ve have had a fascination with psychedlic Japanese art since travelling to Japan in 2009. The other major influence on me creatively is skateboarding, both the sport and the artistsic heritage that goes along with it.” says Sonny Day

The book, boards and two t-shirts are available for pre-order via the Pass Port online store, and will
be stocked in selected stores around Australia.

A special launch event for Riddles, Sorcery and Deceit will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 22nd of May at The Newtown School of Arts, 5 Eliza St Newtown.

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