RNC Translations

STUDIO:  Studio Constantine
DESIGNER(S):  David & Hannah Constantine
CLIENT:  RNC Translations

Renata Noronha Cossio is a ‘sworn translator’ based in Curitiba, Brasil. She approached Studio Constantine to develop a visual identity, stationery and website for her eponymous translation business.

Studio Constatine examined translation as a transformative process, expressing this graphically through both the marque and yellow/grey ombre background. A balance needed to be struck between the corporate context and audience of the business and the youthful exuberance that Renata brings to the work. Typography is restrained, yet dynamic through its application on the grid, also allowing for multilingual content streams.

The result is a suite of materials that is professional and contemporary, but with a touch of individuality that is sure to leave an impression.

See the finished results live at rnctranslations.com.

  • RNC_BCards_FrontLR
  • RNC_BCards_BackLR
  • RNC_MarqueVariations
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  • RNC001_iPad_Home_LR
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